You Want Cocky?

Wang Meng is the consistent 24 year-old short track skater from China.  She is essentially in a league of her own.  Like someone said, “There’s Wang Meng, and then there’s everyone else.”  No one in the world has topped her since the Turin Olympics in 2006, and she just won the 500m short track tonight in Vancouver.  You think J’s cocky, he’s got nothing on her.  This girl has been quoted to say some very ‘confident’ stuff before and after the race.

One month ahead of the games: “Unless I make mistakes, no one else will have any chance to win.”
During tonight’s medalists’ news conference: “Last, but not least, I want to thank myself.”

I guess when you’re the best in the world in what you do, you’re allowed to be cocky.

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4 Responses to You Want Cocky?

  1. L.Y. says:


  2. YIKES! hahahahah your hubs is still cocky though.

  3. L.Y. says:

    At least you're not the one standing next to him in front of the bathroom mirror.

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