Pairs Figure Skating

So I’ve been following the pairs figure skating at the Olympics.  One of the Chinese couples, who are also married to each other, recently came out of retirement in an attempt to grab Olympic gold.  By the looks of it, if everything goes as planned, they should be able to win gold.  If you watch them you can see how.  They are so in tuned with each other.  
That brought me to my question, “Are pairs figure skaters who are married to each other better as a team?”  The intuitive answer would be “yes” given their bond with each other.  
That led me to my other question, “However, wouldn’t it be scary for the husband to toss the wife into the air?”  “What if his grip slipped and she lands on her head?”
So naturally I posed this question to J.

Me: Would you be afraid to toss me into the air?
J: Of course.
Me: Why?
J: Coz I might throw out my back.

Figures.  I never get a straight answer from him because he always thinks my questions are ridiculous.  Obviously, I don’t think my questions are ridiculous, otherwise I wouldn’t ask.

Go Shen and Zhao!

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