Like Fine Wine

I’ve married a narcissist.  J works out rather religiously, and so the results are pretty apparent.  As he was checking himself in the bathroom mirror yesterday, he was so impressed that he said, “I’m like fine wine…gets better with age.”  
Hello, can somebody get me an emesis bucket?

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4 Responses to Like Fine Wine

  1. UHHHHHH I JUST LOST 445398754236542372 lbs from barfing! Tell him to get lost!

  2. you know… i like my brother… but one think about him that irks me is that he's so cocky and so into himself!

  3. L.Y. says:

    He's like that when it comes to his physique. Can't blame a boy to be proud when he's got a body of an 18 year old (I'm quoting him).

  4. uhhh, please don't feed into his ego.

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