Happy Early Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is for people who are just starting to date.  Flowers and chocolate are for those gullible enough to fall for this commercialized day.  For the rest of us jaded couples, it’s an opportunity to pig out.  J and I decided to ‘celebrate’ 2 days early just because we didn’t want to wait until Sunday.  Plus, Sunday is Chinese New Year, another great opportunity to stuff our face.  A week ago we decided to have steak and wine, so today I had a bagel and coffee for breakfast, skipped lunch, and went for a 6.8 mile run this afternoon to get my stomach ready for a yummy feast.

What can be more romantic than steak and wine?  In my opinion, J’s steak is even better than Angelo & Maxi’s and Smith & Wollensky’s.

The Heitz Cellar we picked up at Costco the other weekend.

After dinner dessert.
The is what one of the other cake looked like before Truffalo ate half of it when we were in the other room…
Happy Valentine’s Mocha!  No Happy Valentine’s to Truffalo since you ate half of my cake!
Honey, you’re the best!  Happy Valentine’s!
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