This week is NPR’s pledge drive.  I’m not sure how much they’re trying to raise this time, but it seems like I had just donated not too long ago for the previous pledge drive.  How many of these events do they have each year anyway?  Since this campaign is so close to Valentine’s, the station is throwing in a gift if one gives $200.  What does one get?  A dozen assorted roses with four ozs of assorted chocolate delivered anywhere in the US.  I was thinking maybe I could play a joke on J.  I’ll donate (and be done for the rest of the year), and have them deliver the roses to him at work with a ‘suggestive’ card signed “Your secret admirer”.  That’ll no doubt get him some ribbing from his co-workers.  I have 2 more days to decide.  Should I do it?

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2 Responses to Prank

  1. L.Y. says:

    Obviously not; but I told him after I die I'll leave behind this blog for him to read.

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