Definitely Getting Older

The two of us went to Costco today because we needed to stock up on bagels, spaghetti, and gum.  We walked out of there with a bottle of 2005 Heitz Cellar Cab Sauv, frozen pizza, bagels, 2 bags of chips, doggie treats, and a bottle of Glucosamine.  It wasn’t until we got home when we realized that we had no spaghetti nor gum!  I don’t know if it’s due to old age, or the fact that Costco just throws you off as soon as you step foot in the warehouse.  You end up buying things you never intended to buy.  Take frozen pizza for example.  Call me a pizza snob, but I only eat freshly made pizza.  I don’t eat frozen pizza, but voila, there it was in our cart.  The blame herein lies with the person giving out the free pizza samples, because the pizza really tasted like it was fresh out of the oven.  Now we have to make another trip tomorrow to pick up the spaghetti and gum.  真的老了!

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