Never In A Million Years

So now GM and Ford are trying to lure ‘frightened’ Toyota owners to trade in their Toyotas with $1000 incentives.  Some GM dealerships even have signs up saying “Our Accelerators Don’t Stick”.  Sure, your accelerators don’t stick, but your cars still suck!  I can actually say that because my first car was a GM, and what piece of junk it was.  I actually paid the towing company $100 to trash that car for me.  I’ll take a ‘sticking’ Toyota any day over a GM or Ford.

Now there’s news that the problem is with the North America accelerator supplier, CTS.  The accelerator pedals made by the Japanese company, Denso Corp, are OK.

My Yaris and J’s Scion were both assembled in Japan and shipped to the US, so our accelerator pedals came from Denso…
Up Close…
CTS is punting the blame at Toyota stating that Toyota supplied them with the specs, and they just went by Toyota’s design.  My question is, did Toyota give Denso different specs?  If they did, why?  If not, then how come Denso’s accelerator pedals are OK, and CTS’ are not?  So my conclusion is, Toyota is fine as long as it’s made in Japan.  Just like food is safe as long as it’s not from China.
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