Be Afraid

Since I drive a tiny car, I’ve always been somewhat annoyed when I see, in my rear view mirror, a huge Hummer or F450 pickup truck barreling down towards me.  These are usually the obnoxious drivers trying to intimidate and make me move over to the next lane.  Being equally ornery, I deliberately stay put and slow the hell down just so that I can drive up their blood pressure hoping they’ll blow their cap.  Now with the recent Toyota recall of their cars due to ‘stuck accelerators’, I have finally met my match.  What can be more frightening than a car that can’t be stopped!  So, the next time I see a car that bears a Toyota insignia coming at me in my rear view mirror, I will make sure I move my scrawny little Yaris butt (yes, it is a Toyota, but luckily not one of the recalled models) to the side.  Be afraid, be very afraid…

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