The Power Of Kdrama

If you watch enough kdrama, you’ll invariably see scenes where the characters are drinking soju(燒酒)。I’ve always been curious what it must taste like; and thought it must be some good stuff because everyone’s drinking it and drinking themselves into oblivion.  So, I picked up one at Lee Lee today…

This is basically vodka ‘lite’.  Why?  Because it tastes just like Vodka but with 1/2 the alcohol content.  Grey Goose vodka is 40% alcohol and this bottle of soju is 19%.  However, even with a smaller amount of alcohol, it still knocked me for a loop.  I only had 2-3 ozs and I ended up taking a 3-hour nap.  I’ll stick to wine from now on, and this little bottle of soju will probably stay on the refrigerator shelf for eternity, just like it’s Russian cousin that’s been in the freezer for the past 5 years.
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