I Am Chop Liver

Spoke with the kids’ Aunt V (AKA Aunt Pushover) yesterday about their upcoming trip to AZ in March.  I was under the initial impression that she and my brother-in-law (known as Team Pushover, because they would let Mocha jump on them, climb onto their laps, lick them all over) would come for a week and we’d go to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Page, etc to explore the natural beauty that AZ has to offer; but I found out yesterday that they would only be here for 2-3 days in Tucson.

Me: But there’s nothing to do in Tucson.

Aunt Pushover: Oh, I’m just coming to see Mocha.

Me: But I thought you hated her? 
(and in the back of my mind thinking to myself): Coming to see Mocha, what am I?  Chop liver?!?

So Aunt Pushover, is going to fly thousands of miles to come see the 10-year old dog who used to terrorize her when she was younger.  When Mocha was only a year old, she already knew who she needed to listen to (me), and who she could take advantage of (her aunt).  Mocha would behave like an angel with everyone around, but as soon as I’d walk out the door to go to work, she’d ‘turn on’ her aunt and misbehave (as I was later told “Mocha 好討厭!”).  So I was always under the impression that V didn’t like Mocha that much.  I guess I was wrong.  She obviously loves the dog more than she does her own sister, AKA Chop Liver!

Aunt Pushover with baby Mocha
Mocha taunting…
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2 Responses to I Am Chop Liver

  1. hahahahahahahahha. that's funny! don't worry I'll like you guys more than the dogs. how come she didn't mention truffalo? is she playing favorites?

  2. L.Y. says:

    Yes, you're the exact opposite.She has more of a history with Mocha; has only met Truffalo, who keeps to himself.

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