The Wife Cooks

For those who know J and me, you know very well in this family who the cook is and who the dishwasher is.  J has the uncanny ability to taste something he’s had at a restaurant and reproduce the dish at home.  While you can ask me what ingredients I think are in a dish, I’ll be able to list all the ingredients that are not in the dish, and leave out the ones that actually are.  J was stuck at work later than usual today, so naturally the ‘cooking’ fell on my shoulders today.  Since he knew the extent of my culinary skills he didn’t make it too difficult for me.

I can make one ‘mean’ instant noodle, tailored to your taste buds.  You want it salty, I can make it salty.  You want it soupy, I can do that too.
Since I was the cook and dishwasher tonight, I thought it was only fair to get a break; hence the noodles served in the pan. 
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2 Responses to The Wife Cooks

  1. hahahahaha, GHETTO! Do you still think you're in college?

  2. L.Y. says:

    I actually learned this from watching Kdramas. They always eat their ramen out of a pot. I thought, what a brilliant idea!

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