Chinese Food

Went to Lee Lee again yesterday to pick up fish.  I have a feeling that I will be getting sick of that place very soon.  For now though, we’re still exploring all the different aisles to see what they have.  We were looking for noodles and found this…

Yum, Chinese noodles made in the USA, and no melamine!
Am I supposed to feel reassured that there’s no melamine in my noodles?  When and why did we feel the need to qualify our food?  Oh right, when China decided that melamine was one of the major food groups in our diet.  According to Wikipedia, my ‘go-to Britannica’, Melamine is an organic compound and a metabolite of a pesticide.  When combined with different resins (e.g., formaldehyde, cyanuric acid, etc), melamine is used to make plastic, flame retardant, glue, dry erase board, etc.  What does melamine do to the human body?  Worst case scenario, aside from death, is development of bladder cancer.  Apparently the Chinese ‘drug of choice’ was to mix melamine with cyanuric acid (this combination has great flame retardant properties) to ‘increase the protein content’.  So if one consumes enough of this substance, would it be safe to surmise that after one dies from suffering from bladder cancer, one would at least not burn in hell?  I think I’ll pass and stick to the fresh fish…
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4 Responses to Chinese Food

  1. you don't have a plate big enough for the whole fish or something? you crack me up… "i have a feeling that i will be getting sick of this place very soon." lol! how was the ghetto hainanese chicken rice?

  2. L.Y. says:

    Talk to the ghetto chef. It was his masterpiece! The Hainanese chicken rice was flavorful, thanks to the powder packet. The chicken was quite bland. The chef tried to take credit for the rice and explain that the chicken is supposed to be bland. Whatever!

  3. to give him credit… the chicken is usually bland, it's the texture that is different. the hot sauce that you dip into gives it flavor, they also add the sweet soy sesame sauce on top of it too. oh how i miss asia!Happy New Year!

  4. L.Y. says:

    My bad, but how come the Hoiman chicken is so tasty in Singapore?

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