Tentative Plans for 2010

So I’ve opted to sit out the Phoenix race in Jan so that I have ample time to recuperate and come back stronger.  Since the Tucson Marathon offered $30 off for the first 150 entrants to sign up for the 2010 race, I took up on their offer.  Now the race will only cost me $59.96 as opposed to $85.  I figured it would be the cheapest race to run since I don’t have to worry about hotel, kennel, and airfare costs.  However, I am still considering running a Spring race to see if I can qualify for Boston 2011 (the Tucson race would be too late by then).  I’m debating between San Diego on 6/6/09 and Newport, OR on 6/5/09.  At this point I’m leaning towards OR because:
1. It’s cheaper ($65 vs. $95), but with airfare it may come out to be more pricey
2. It’s smaller (800 runners vs. 13,000), which makes it easier to run
3. It’s one of the faster marathons, with higher rates of BQs (even more so than Tucson)
4. We’ve never been to OR and would like to check it out
5. The San Diego course hasn’t even been mapped out yet, so it’s unclear what the course is going to be like
For the next couple of weeks, I’m just going to take it easy on the running and enjoy sleeping in for a change.  J actually went out for a 6-mile run without me this morning before work today, and I got to sleep in, guilt free.

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