The Day After

Still having significant leg cramping, and was limping around the office all day.  Managed to go to my ‘calisthenic class’ (as J calls it) to loosen up the muscles and joints a bit.  Still haven’t decided whether to run Phoenix or not because of the lingering soreness and the hefty entrance fee ($125).  When did these races get to be so expensive?  The Phoenix race is relatively flat, which is to my liking after yesterday’s quad-grinding session, with gradual inclines occurring the first 12 miles and then it’s all flat and downhill till the end.  I realized one of yesterday’s mistake was that I went out a little too fast in the beginning because I was preparing to make up for the time I was about to lose during the uphills later on.  If I were to run Phoenix, I’d stick with the 3:45 pace team throughout and make sure I run an even race.  Plus, the pace team could be my ‘windshield’ if head winds were to become an issue again.  I’ll see if I really want to pay more money (entrance fee, hotel, gas, and kennel will probably add up to $300) just so that I can qualify for Boston, or I’ll just stop at BQ+6 seconds and call it a day : )  I, for one, am disgusted at how much I need to pay in order to torture my body for 26.2 miles.

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