Pre-Race Jitters

OK, the jitters have officially set in.  It has finally dawned on me the race is tomorrow, after one week of not caring.  Just came back from the expo and picked up a bag of ‘junk’.  The race T-shirt is so ‘awesome’, that I plan on tossing it into Truffalo’s cage (the Holy Land of holey T-shirts, where all old T-shirts go to ‘die’) without even wearing it.  

By the way, 璨 I’d like my 2003 NYC marathon shirt back if you’re not wearing it.  
OK, the game plan: load up on pasta tonight; have 2 bananas 1-2 hours before the race; chew 3 Clif Shot Bloks at miles 6 and 12; one Clif Shot gel at miles 17 and 22; and hope for the best (i.e., make the time, and avoid GI disasters).

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