Retail Therapy

So what’s the cure for post-vacation depression?  Shopping of course.  Retail therapy works like a charm.  Now I’m about 90% back to baseline.  So what did I (we) get?

On the lot, facing NE
Vineyard at the rear of the lot

That’s right.  F15.  We had initially decided against it due to the lack of a tertiary medical center, but then we figured anything could happen in 10 years right?  By then, they may have an airport in Cafayate with direct flights to Buenos Aires, and a brand spanking new hospital close to town.  After being back in town for 3 days, I yearned for the crisp clean air and the simple living of Cafayate.  J & I agreed that we’ve been spoiled by the dry climate here in AZ, that we’d never be able to survive in a tropical setting such as Thailand, or anywhere else in Asia for that matter.  So make sure you visit us once we settle in (in a few more years).
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