Post-Vacation Depression

Big time lack of motivation right now.  Missed my morning run today due to the rain.  Have to make it up tomorrow morning, and make up tomorrow’s scheduled run the morning after, etc.  I don’t even care whether I qualify for Boston or not at this point.  Work is exhausting, and it’s only been 2 days.  All I want to do after coming home is curl up in bed with a book.  I haven’t even watched any Kdrama.  These are all tell tale signs of post-vacation depression.  I always get these after amazing trips (my worst cases were after Turks & Caicos and Tahiti).  Need to pull myself out of this slump, and get ready for the race; because I know I will regret it afterwards if I don’t qualify for Boston.

Five-week old Mocha with Aunt V. (This picture has nothing to do with this entry, but I just thought it was a cute picture of Mocha)

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2 Responses to Post-Vacation Depression

  1. awww mocha was cute. now she is huge and not cute. hahahaha. RUN! RUN! RUN! since i don't you can run for me too. hahaha I want to see you run the boston marathon next year! U CAN DO IT! V! (picture me with the v fingers up like a fob)

  2. L.Y. says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will do my best now that you've given me a 'V'!

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