Last Day in South America

This concludes our 2-week trip to South America, and what a trip it has been.  We’ve seen the city, the highlands of the Andes, the jungle, and the beaches of Uruguay.  We had initially wanted to purchase a piece of land in Cafayate and retire there, but decided against it due to it’s remoteness from civilization.  It is a 3-hour drive away from Salta, the next major city, and my biggest concern is the lack of tertiary medical care.  God forbid if anything were to happen to either of us, it would actually be dangerous.  The things I will miss most are the dogs in Cafayate, the friendliness of the people in Cafayate, the cheap wine and food in all of Argentina, and the beauty of mother nature.  There are of course things here that I can live without, for example, the smog & traffic in Buenos Aires, the nickel & diming in Uruguay, and Spanish 🙂  The best part is that J & I have been able to share this journey and experience together.
So the search goes on for our retirement place.  Next stops will be Taiwan and Thailand, but that will be next year.  For the time being, we’ll need to rest up, continue to work & save, and pray that silver hits $1000/oz, so that we can realize our retirement dreams.

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