After Cafayate, we drove back up to Salta to stay one night before catching the plane back to Buenos Aires and on to Iguazu the following morning.  While in Salta, we managed to see all the important buildings and monuments in one afternoon since most of them were located around the plaza.  We also got a chance to check out the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana (MAAM), where the mummified Llullaillaco children are on display.  As it was hot and humid in the city, J (who is not the biggest fan of museums) was more than happy to go for some AC.  We joked that the only way for J to go to any museum, is if it is hot and humid outside.

Church San Francisco
San Francisco at night
Cathedral at night
Changing of the guards
The place we stayed in Salta was a hostel.  Neither J nor I have ever stayed in a hostel, and thought, we’d give it a try (after not being able to book a hotel room for some strange reason).  Goodness gracious, it was a horrible experience.  The room was small, the bathroom smaller (no shower or tub, just a shower head over the bidet), bed uncomfortable, linens damp, and room was suffocatingly hot.  All I could do all night was to count down each hour so that I could escape the torture.  J and I had to wake up once in the middle of the night to take a cold shower to cool down.  Since there was no tub or shower stall, we had to “squeegee” the floor to let all the water drain!
Hostal El Aljibe
Felt like we were in jail
My jailmate, J with the orange towel squeegeeing the floor…
We could not wait to get out of that place, we did not even bother with the free breakfast they provided in the morning.  Then it was on to Iguazu falls.
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