Day Two in Cafayate

We spent most of the day with the sales rep from La Estancia de Cafayate.  This is a luxury development just a few blocks outside of town.  J has had his eye on this place for at least a year, and one of the reasons we came to Cafayate was to check out the development.  He was thinking of buying a lot site-unseen, but I thought it was too risky.  Currently they are in phase 2, and the prices go up by 20% each phase, and the next phase starts Jan 2010.  Of the 350 lots, 160 have already been sold to mostly American and Canadians, although it sounds like more Argentinians are buying.  So far only the clubhouse and golf course have been built, and anticipate the rest (spa, community gym & pool, town center for retail and farmers market, bodega, polo fields, horse stables, etc) to be completed by 2012.  There are some already mature vineyards with others that are only a year old.  None of the houses have been built up, but there are 2 in progress right now.  We looked at a couple of lots ranging from 1/2 acre to 1 1/2 acres, and reserved one of the smaller ones (a little under 1/2 acre).  We plan on running through the property tomorrow morning to get another look.

Vineyard and the Andes
View of the Andes from the ranch
Llamas on the ranch.
Some pictures of the town at night…

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