Day One in Cafayate

We took the 6 AM flight out of BA yesterday and arrived in Salta with one piece of luggage missing.  We weren’t the only ones missing bags, as we found out that there was a full cart of luggages that never made it onto the plane that morning.  The missing bag contained mostly of dirty clothes, but also my running shoes, so I was fretting a bit since my next scheduled training run was today.  However, the airline had promised to deliver it to the hotel we’re staying in Cafayate, which is a 3-hour drive from Salta, once it arrives with the noon flight.  Since there wasn’t anything else we could do about the situation, we went ahead and drove to Cafayate.  Prior to our arrival, it had rained in Salta, and the streets were flooded.

I was so afraid that our little rental car wouldn’t make it.
Scenery along the way to Cafayate.  Reminds us of Arizona…
We had lunch at Posta de las Cabras, a family joint located between Talapampa and Alemania.  The owner is an ex-goat farmer who makes his own cheeses.  

Cafayate is a tiny and quaint town with mostly native Argentines.  The town is very laid back, and hasn’t been ‘tainted’ by Western culture.  Children bike all over town, even at night.  There are hardly any cars on the streets, which makes it very quiet and clean.  Dogs (and other animals) are allowed to roam free on the streets.  It is, however, becoming more of a tourist destination thanks to its vineyard and quality wine.  
Cathedral at the town center
Town square
A mule just sauntering down the street
Dinner was at Macacha, where I tried llama for the first time.  It actually tastes like beef, not chicken : )  
The waiter introduced us to a very smooth local Malbec, produced in Cafayate.  We both thought it was better than the Simi Cabernet Sauvignon, and as good as Heitz Cellar, but at a fraction of the price of the HC.
During dinner, a cute little dog walked into the restaurant and came up to our table.  As soon as it got our attention, it looked at us with its big eyes and started wagging it’s tail furiously hoping to get some scraps.  It reminded us of Truffalo, and I was very tempted to throw it something, but thought it was better not to as it would encourage this ‘begging’ habit.  Later as we were walking back to the hotel, we saw the same dog at a different restaurant chewing on a bone.  I guess it worked its charm elsewhere and scored.
After dinner, we had to try helado de vino (wine gelato) at Miranda, the creator of wine gelato.  Since it is made out of wine without cream, I thought it tasted more like sorbet and didn’t really like it as much, due to its lack of creaminess.  

As for the missing luggage, it was finally delivered this afternoon, which means I missed this morning’s training run.  As for my knee injury, I may have bad news as it looks a little infected, and I have started taking antibiotics last night.  The knee is swollen with limited range of motion, and I am a little distraught that this injury may just prevent me from running a Boston qualifying race : (
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