Last Day in Buenos Aires

I’ve been running for years and never have I ever tripped and fallen while running.  However, thanks to the ‘wonderfully and smoothly paved’ sidewalks here in BA, I tripped while running this morning, scraping both knees, left hand, and right elbow.  The best part is I tripped early on in the run; since I did not want to stop to clean out the wound, I became quite a sight at the park, with blood trickling down my right lower leg.  I was able to eke out 7 miles, but I was in pain at the end.  I’ll be fine as long as it’s just a simple skin wound; but I would be mighty upset, if this messes up my knees and puts me out of commission for the race (after months of training).  
One thing I did appreciate was the fact that I could purchase Cephalexin from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription (I bought it just in case the wounds get infected).  

On top of that, the entire purchase (16 tabs of Cephalexin, 10 large bandages, 1 tube of antiseptic ointment, and a box of small bandages) cost us AR$54 ($14 US).  Normally the antibiotics alone would have been $10 (with insurance coverage) in the States.  Just goes to show how expensive everything is in the US.  If we end up liking Cafayate, we could easily stop working and retire in Argentina.

Lunch was at El Sanjuanino, located on Posadas and Av Callao.  J had the locro and I had the chorizo pomerol; dessert was flan with dulce de leche (caramel).  Lunch came out to $20 US.  This place is known for its empanadas so we picked up 10 of them (way too much) and 1 tamale for dinner, which came out to AR$42 ($11 US).

The take-out counter.  Empanadas are AR$3.50 each, which amounts to less than a dollar each.
Locro, a very hearty stew that has sausage, pork, and beans.
Chorizo pomerol, huge sausage with mash potato.
Empanadas with different fillings – spicy beef, chicken, ham & cheese, corn, cheese & onion.  Each is a little bigger than J’s palm.
While here, we discovered carbonated pomelo (grapefruit) drink.  It’s actually quite refreshing & tasty, and I wonder why we don’t have anything like this in the States.
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