Urban Suites Recoleta Boutique Hotel

This is a little boutique located right across the street from the famous Recoleta Cemetery.  However, it is located quite far from the Subte (subway) stations.  Luckily, cabs are fairly cheap around town (meter starts at AR$3.80, and a trip to Palermo SOHO costs around AR$15 or $4 US).  This hotel itself only has about 36 rooms (4 per floor), 2 facing the cemetery, and 2 facing who knows what.  The front door of the hotel is always locked, and you get buzzed in and out.  I found this to be a bit puzzling.  I’m not sure if that’s how smaller hotels are setup here in BA, or if safety is an issue even in this part of town (Recoleta is supposed to be the wealthy part of town).
We were ‘lucky’ enough to get room #71 on the 7th floor overlooking the cemetery.  Though I’m sure not everyone wants to wake up facing the dead each morning.
The room is well appointed with modern furnishings.  Bed is extremely comfortable and linen thread count must be pretty high, because they feel almost as soft as the ones we have at home.  
The Bed
Sitting Area
Poorly designed shower stall; water sprays out past the glass divider.
Tiny gym with limited equipments.
One of the ‘gripes’ about this hotel is the street level noise that you can hear during the day.  We were taking a siesta and were able to hear the street performers below.  However, the crowd clears at night and gets pretty quiet.  So noise only really becomes a problem if you want to take naps.  Daily continental breakfast is provided from 7am to 11am, so we got a chance to do our morning runs before coming back for breakfast.  The best part of this hotel is its free WiFi.

Bar/Breakfast area
There are a few restaurants located downstairs.  You have your choice of Italian and parilla (steak house), and Freddo, a helado (gelato) chain.
Instead of Hot Entrees, they have Hot ‘Entrances’, the gateway to hell…
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