The Culprit

As a follow up to yesterday’s digestive disaster, I was reading through the RunnersWorld website trying to figure out what happened and how to prevent problems in the future.  Apparently there’s a list of ‘Dos and Don’ts‘ when it comes to eating and drinking before runs (specifically long runs and races).  Here are the 5 pre-race rules:

1) Don’t skip breakfast
2) Don’t over do the fiber
3) Don’t over do the carbs
4) Don’t drink too much water
5) Don’t consume anything ‘new’
I thought back to what I had done the previous 24 hours and realized I had broken rule #2.  Saturday morning I had not one, but two big bowls of raisin bran cereal with milk, which is another big ‘no-no’ if one’s lactose intolerant, which I am.  So now the bowls of raisin bran cereal will have to be relegated to post sunday runs.  In the meantime, I’m going to try the PowerBar gel again tomorrow morning before my fartlek session and see how it affects me.
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