Marathon Entry Fee

Found out that we can now apply for next year’s NYC marathon.  Guess what they’re asking for the entry fee?  $185!  I remember running NYC in 2003 and 2004 and the entry fee was $70-80 at the time.  How did the fee more than double in 6-7 years time.  That’s more than inflation!  I say it’s highway robbery.  Ain’t doing it.  As much as I love running NYC, I’m not going to cough up $185 just to run a slow course.  I can understand if it’s a fast course that’ll allow you to qualify for Boston.  Speaking of which, I’m willing to pay anything for Boston if I qualify, just because it’s Boston.  Not just anyone can run Boston – that is unless you’re one of those “running for leukemia” and buying your way into a prestigious race – boohoo!  For now, I’ll just stick to smaller and cheaper races.  Congrats to Meb for breaking the US drought in the NYC Marathon.  Although if you really think about it, he’s really Eritrean, but OK, we’ll take anything at this point, just to say that an American won : )

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