Long Fast Finish

Kicked my butt!  For today’s long run, it wasn’t the usual easy steady pace, but it was designed to start off easy, then run faster and faster throughout (i.e. negative splits), until the last 2 miles when the pace should be around 10K pace, which for me is 7:33 min mile.  I was doing OK until mile 12, at which point my pace was 8:06 min mile, but as I was planning to kick it up into high gear, I had nothing left in me.  Zippo!  An empty tank!  I barely hung on to 8:09 min mile for mile 13, and then I crashed during the last mile, netting a 8:34 min mile.  I know what my problem was.  I didn’t listen to Greg McMillan’s advice.  He had suggested consuming carbs before and during the run, and I did neither.  All I had was a water bottle with me.  The carb loading was to prepare for the increased intensity at the end of the run.  Now I know, and will make sure I run with the gels next time around.  My legs were dead weight after the run as I limped into yoga class.  But after an hour of yoga, I was able to walk out the gym like a normal person again.

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