The Cricket Slayer

I am not fond of insects to say the least.  The worst offenders are the ‘fast moving’ ones.  Moths are the worst.  They send me weaving, ducking, and screaming out of the room, while J finds it terribly amusing.  
Around this time of the year the crickets start to make their appearances around the house.  In the past, I’d holler “Hon! Hon! Hon!  There’s a cricket!” (I’d have to call out more than once in order for J to respond), and J would come armed with a plastic cup and a piece of paper to capture the cricket and release it out the front door.  Sometimes he would take his time coming to my rescue, then there are times he would simply ignore my calls for help, leaving me flustered and annoyed.  
Nowadays I don’t even bother calling for him, because there’s a new and better (and more responsive) guy in town.  Meet Truffalo, the cricket slayer.  All I have to do is call “Truffalo, there’s a cricket” and within seconds I’d hear him pitter patter on towards me.  I point to the cricket and he’d capture it.  Just now, I was in the bathroom.  Spotted a cricket on the bath mat.  I called out “Truffalo, there’s a cricket.”  Within 2 seconds he was next to me, saw the cricket, took it in his mouth and brought it out the bathroom with him.  I thanked him and closed the door.  No drama, no hassle, except for a dead cricket carcass on the carpet.
At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion, “Who needs a husband when you have a loyal dog AKA the cricket slayer!”  I’ll remember to give him an extra piece of chicken jerky tonight : )  On second thought, I still need the husband…to get rid of the carcass.

The Cricket Slayer

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2 Responses to The Cricket Slayer

  1. i hate moths the most. they are so ugly! scared to kill them. why wouldn't he just kill the cricket instead of capturing it and releasing it? if it's killed, one less cricket making noise that will bother you through the night.

  2. L.Y. says:

    He releases them because he has a Buddha heart, like your other brother, who I remember was avoiding stepping on ants when we went hiking! I was quite amused at the time because he looked like he was dancing on the trail 😀

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