Wants Vs. Needs

Came across this blog on NetWorthIQ.com “Bought a tv on credit”.  This lady explains how she needs to leave her boyfriend but can’t because of the lack of funds, and also worries about not having enough money to buy her kids’ Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts.  However, she goes out to buy a flat-screen TV on her credit card.  Don’t know why, but her blog incensed me ;(  Why are people so irresponsible?  Why can’t they distinguish between their ‘wants’ and their ‘needs’?  She obviously needs to leave her boyfriend, so why doesn’t she save up the money so that she can.  Then again, what do I care if she can’t get her finances straight, and that she’s living a miserable life worrying about paying for the bills, and living with someone she doesn’t want to be with.  
I must be hormonal…time to take a ‘chill pill’.

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