Vaccine Time

Brought the kids to the ‘vet’ today…ok, ok, it was Petco.  They haven’t been to their regular vet for a year now.  No offense to vets and vets-in-training, I just can’t justify paying for a ‘complete physical exam’ with vaccinations every 6 months, when all they really need are booster shots.  I don’t make my patients come in for a physical when they need their vaccinations.

Truffalo ‘making his mark’ at the front entrance.
Checking out gravel?

We purposely went during the tail end of the vaccination hour so we were able to sail right to the front of the line.  As usual, Truffalo charged full speed ahead, not knowing what awaited for him.
Truffalo needed 3 people to put him at ease.
Mocha: ‘let’s get this over with ok?  I’ve got more important things to do.’
Like checking out Greenies…

Damage?  $42 for both dogs getting vaccinated against bordetella, as opposed to the $200 bill their vet would have handed me.  What would you have done?
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