Clean Dogs

The kids got a bath today.  They get a bath on 4 occasions:
1. When visitors are coming.
2. After returning from the kennel.
3. When they’re due to see the vet.
4. Finally, when they’re filthy beyond belief, and J & I can’t stand it anymore that we get off our lazy butts to bathe them.
Today, they’re getting bathed to get ready to go see the vet for their bordetella shots on Tuesday.

Lining up to be ‘processed’
Giving me the evil eye…
Shaking it off…
Finally, clean dogs their grandmother would be proud of πŸ™‚
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6 Responses to Clean Dogs

  1. who's the grandmother?your mom or our mom?

  2. L.Y. says:

    My mom. She's always on our case about how we should bathe the dogs more frequently.

  3. yeah. they're dirty! and they are all over the house and furniture!

  4. L.Y. says:

    We'll make sure they're clean when you come.

  5. by the way… there aren't any non stop flight to you guys? all the flights come with 1 layover.

  6. L.Y. says:

    Try flying into Phoenix (JetBlue is direct) and we'll pick you up there.

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