Running In The Dark…and The Greenback Is Falling!

Now that fall is finally here, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable level in AZ.  This is obviously great news in terms of running, however, along with the mild weather comes shorter days, which in turn makes morning runs much more difficult to do.  Sunrise is now around 6:20AM, and in order to get an hour’s run in before getting to work by 8AM, it means spending half the time running in the dark.  Crime’s not really an issue in OV, but what I’m most afraid of are the javelinas.  Coyotes tend to run away from people, but javelinas have been known to charge at people when they feel threatened.  Right now, I have J running with me; but as sunrise gets later and later, I’m going to have to consider moving my runs to the afternoons, which I’m not so excited about.  I’m definitely not going to start running on the treadmill because that just bores the bejesus out of me.  I’d rather be running in the dark with the constant fear that a javelina is about to attack me!

On a side note, read an article on Bloomberg, and there’s rumor that the middle east may not be trading oil using the mighty US dollar, but instead will use a basket of currencies.  Now, if that rumor pans out, then our greenbacks will slowly lose value, and we should all start buying foreign currencies, if we haven’t already.  For me, I’ve always liked the Chinese Renminbi.  If I could have my way, which we all know I don’t (at least not all the time), I’d convert everything into the mighty Yuan, and wait for the Chinese government to slowly unpeg it from the US dollar.

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