BA Run#1 Version 1.1 & MVD Version 1.2

As promised, this is the revised course for our first run in BA.  I realized that it was a fartlek session so I figured it would be best if the speed work part of the run were done in the park itself, to avoid traffic lights in the middle of the work out.

var lyr_code = “GGvzNcWJh33xlG”;
We’ll hit Plaza General San Martini during the warm up run, and during the cool down we’ll pass the Fragata Presidente Sarmiento, Plaza de Mayo, Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires, run down Av de Mayo, and end the run at Plaza Mariano Mareno and Plaza del Congreso.

As for Montevideo, this is the third iteration. I’ve even canceled the existing hotel reservation and booked another place in Centro just to accommodate the run.

var lyr_code = “AjOqxu7AAVOz3D”;
We’ll be running through the Cuidad Vieja, hitting the Plaza Independencia, Catedral Metropolitana de Montevideo, Theatro Solis, and Mercado de Peurto.  

We’ll be sure to bring our camera along all our runs.
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