It Just Hit Me Like a Mack Truck

Woke up this morning, ran my 7+miles, showered, and hopped into the car to head to work. Sounds like all my other mornings, except @ 7:55AM, halfway to the office, the myalgias hit me like a mack truck.  Ten minutes later, the headaches started; and right when I walked into the office, the chills took a hold of me.  All in a span of 15 minutes!  I grabbed the thermometer and it read 99.0℉.  Whew, no fever yet, but I knew that was next to come.  In my mind, I was frantically trying to figure out if this was the swine flu or the side effects of the flu shot I got yesterday.  Either way, I had to cancel all the day’s appointments.
Came home (the drive was god awful) and went straight to bed at 9AM.  Woke up an hour later, and all my symptoms resolved!  IT WAS THE FLU SHOT!  I almost always get these side effects with the flu shot, so I’ve managed to avoid getting the vaccine year after year, until this year.
What surprised me was the speed of symptom onset.  Now I have something to ‘look forward to’ when we get the H1N1 vaccine in 2 weeks ><.  Unfortunately, I can’t get out of receiving it because the hospital policy is, as soon as employees develop fever and headaches (why only fever and headaches?), they’re required to stay home for 7 days.  I can’t afford that because I have a trip coming up, and I don’t want to use up my vacation days holed up at home.

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