Change In Plans

So we were supposed to go to Argentina and Uruguay the last 2 weeks of December, but we didn’t realize that those 2 weeks are peak season for Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.  Apparently all the supermodels, Brazilians, and Argentinians flock to the beach town of Punta del Este during that time.  We were both astounded by the airfare, and were debating what to do.  Do we go ahead and book it anyway, or go somewhere else?  Finally, we decided that we would still head down there, but around Thanksgiving.  
As soon as J got his vacation days approved today, we started booking flights and hotels for fear that prices would inch higher if we didn’t hurry.  Everything was going well for me until I hit a snag while looking for hotels in Salta.  Not sure what’s going on in Salta the end of Nov, but the only place I could get a room was at a hostel.  All other hotels were booked.  I’ve never stayed at a hostel before, but I thought ‘what the heck, it’s only for one night’.  I also figured $34 a night at the hostel will ease my guilt for booking the superior double room at Loi Suites Iguazu Hotel (the price of which I am ashamed to divulge).

Superior Double @ Loi Suites
(Who can resist this?  OK, aside from J.)

Now that everything is booked (save for car rentals), the hard part is for me to figure out best places to run when I’m there, as I’m still in the middle of training for the Dec race.  I need to start mapping out routes, making sure I’m running through safe neighborhoods, and rearranging my runs to avoid long runs falling on travel days.  
South America, here we come!
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2 Responses to Change In Plans

  1. does that mean i can come for xmas then?

  2. L.Y. says:

    Absolutely; bring mom if she has time off.

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