I’m currently training with the Greg McMillan plan, and have incorporated some speed work into my runs.  I must say that it has made training a lot more interesting; more so than when I was training for NYC ’04.  The only thing is that I’ve started noticing very occasional twinges of discomfort in my right achilles since starting the fartleks.  I really hope that I stay injury free this season because I really want to qualify for Boston this year.  On a side note, I have noticed that incorporating yoga into my routine this time around has helped with a lot of the post-run stiffness and knee pains, and has significantly improved my core strength.  I have 12 more weeks to go, and I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing major derails me.

NB 902: speed work shoes; currently has 345 miles on them.  Will need to retire these soon, which is unfortunate, because these are the most comfortable shoes so far.

NB 903: these will replace the 902, and will most likely be racing in these in Dec.

NB 1062: regular training shoes; has 152 miles as of today.  Very cushiony, but not as good a fit as the 900s because it keeps giving me blisters on the inside of the right foot.

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