Fiesta Island

Ran my 12 miler on Fiesta Island yesterday morning.  One loop around the Island is 4 miles so I did 3.  J. ran the first loop with me and waited for me in the car for the next hour or so.  There were cyclists, a handful of runners, and people slowly piling onto the island in their campers and RVs.  What I loved most were the dogs that were allowed to roam free on the island.  I thought Mocha and Truff would love this place, especially Mocha because she loves the water; and that got me thinking, “how about moving to San Diego?”  I mean what’s not to love about San Diego?  It has great weather year round, diversity in culture and cuisine, great outdoors activities for both man and dog.  So J and I put San Diego on our ‘List of Places to Move to in 3 Years’.

Back to the run.  It was surprisingly easy.  Not sure if it was the combination of the low altitude, flat course, and the overcast morning, but I felt that I could run another 12 miles without any problems despite the humidity.  Oro Valley is dry, but it’s awfully hilly at 2000+ft above sea level. I never feel like I have any extra gas in the tank after my runs back home as I had felt yesterday.  Here’s one more reason to move to San Diego!  On the other hand, I’m glad to be training in a tougher environment because it’ll make me a stronger runner and better prepare me for the races.

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