A Curious Thing Happened…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been hooked on Korean drama for the last few years.  Not sure what the draw is, as the majority of the drama are based on outlandish and unrealistic plots.  So J makes fun of me and calls them ‘K porn’ since he thinks they’re all mindless yet addicting.  Even though I can often predict the ending to the ‘T’, I still gravitate to them as the Korean entertainment industry churns these drama out like there’s no tomorrow.  However, a curious thing happened a few days ago.  As I was watching one of the ‘historical’ drama titled ‘Queen Seon Duk’, J peered at my screen, and within 5 minutes he was sold!  I can’t say that this drama is any more realistic than the other ones, as I would think it is ‘loosely’ based on historical facts.  But I’m not one to complain, because now I have a partner in crime, and I don’t feel quite so silly watching these anymore.  The only downside is that I now have to wait for him to be done with whatever it is he’s doing at the moment before I can start a new episode.

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