‘The Little One’

AKA Truffalo.  Mocha, who’s 6 years Truffalo’s senior, is the ‘older one’, but we never call her that.  We started referring to him as ‘the little one’ when the husband and I would ‘talk’ about him, but didn’t want him to know that we were talking about him.  However, lately, I think he’s caught on to his new Native American moniker, because his head would cock whenever he would hear ‘the little one’.  This just goes to show that dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.  Mocha, for example, would know that ‘f-r-i-s-b-e-e’ spells her favorite toy.  Years ago, we started spelling out her toys so that she wouldn’t know what we were referring to, in order to prevent her from working herself into a frenzy, but she eventually caught on.  I think ultimately the husband and I will have to speak in a foreign language.

Truffalo waiting at the door…

Mocha, always ready for the camera…

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