A Little Behind The Times

OK, so this is my very first blog, and to be honest I didn’t even realize it was so easy to create a blog page until the husband showed me how.  All these years I was under the impression that one had to write software codes to create one’s own blog page.  I had even asked the husband, who’s a software engineer, the other night to help write codes to create my web page.  Sure I’m a little behind the times, but I’ve arrived!  Reason why I decided to have my own page is so that I can ‘centralize’ all my thoughts in one place.  Currently, my postings are littering the world wide web.  I have posts on running websites, financial websites, news websites, and god knows where else.

So I ordered RoadIDs for my husband and myself today.  These are basically velcro wrist bands with emergency contact numbers, one would wear while running or cycling.  Lately, I’ve been stricken with the thought of something bad happening to either one of us while we’re out running and, god forbid, I/he can’t communicate (i.e., unconscious) with EMS workers as to whom to contact.  I know some people run with their IDs and phones tucked into their pockets, but I just hate the idea of having to carry additional weight, especially during my long runs.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like, courtesy of RoadID.com .

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